Maximising the value

We will ensure you gain the best possible return through identifying the full potential of your land

Land Aquisition

We are actively prospecting land for our own acquisition and development. We welcome approaches from anyone who has a site which may fit well in our portfolio. We seek commercial, residential plots for redevelopment alongside brownfield plots and sites with potential for reclassification.

We work with landowners to maximise the potential of any development; including a review of the Local Plan to help us to decide which is the best route to succeed for the site; our exact approach depends on the individual characteristics of the site so that we can prepare a bespoke strategy for implementation.

Strategic land

Its critical that any new development fits seamlessly into existing communities. This is achieved through a detailed analysis of the project scope, which is then refined through stakeholder engagement and public consultation to deliver projects that meet the current and future needs of the local area. We have found that this approach is critical to the success of a project.

Our projects range from rural sites, challenging brownfield regenerations, to urban developments. We work directly with Local Authorities and communities to help deliver projects which meet their immediate and future strategic requirements.


Rural Estate Appraisals

From a few acres up to several thousand, we have the skills and knowledge of planning, to review rural land opportunities.  
Taking a short and long term view we will present our findings, ranked by what’s achievable given the constraints of planning, local need and recent local planning history.
This can take into account any long term goals you have or succession thoughts, plus any village issues or betterment you may want to supply, in return for a development you can be proud of.
Improved amenity via footpaths, better drainage or sewerage provision have all featured in recent negotiations in order to bring opportunities forward for all affected.
A recent review of a South Norfolk 1500 acre estate resulted in 6 recommendations of which 3 are being progressed to planning and build out.

Land Promotion

The ultimate objective is to promote your site through the planning system to maximise the value of your land. We work with land owners to secure planning permission on sites at our cost and risk; our return is a share of the value of the site once it is sold. This ensures that all parties have the same aims and objectives at the start and work collaboratively to bring sites forward and to fruition.

Our relationship with local developers is strong and we have a wealth of experience in coordinating the various parties in order to bring forward a viable site.


Joint partnerships

We also work alongside landowners to guide projects through the difficult planning stages and also help fund developments based on a landowner partnership and profit share basis. We work well in situations where projects may not be viable to self-fund or need additional funding to achieve the required outcome.

We have investment ready to deploy for the right project. We are very adept at working with difficult sites or sites which have already met objection in the planning stages. 


Brownfield appraisals

We are able to review opportunities and constraints of obtaining planning permission in an industrial context.  Recent changes to EPC regulations have threatened the viability of a number of sites where landlords need to rebuild existing units to meet new standards, but have no capital reserves to do so. 

A recent project saw us obtain planning approval for the demolition of some outdated industrial units in Mid Norfolk, and replacement with new residential flats. This redevelopment funded the rebuild of the remaining outdated units.  Our in-house skills meant we were able to meet the challenge of demonstrating economic need and ongoing viability of the remaining units, via redevelopment, to the local planing authority.

we specialise in projects from 1 – 100 properties

We work in sectors ranging from Residential, Commercial & Industrial, Agricultural and Healthcare